GET TO KNOW ME MEME → favorite male biases [4/5]

↳ zea - kim dongjun.

“I went to the women’s bathhouse until I was in the fourth grade.”

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who allowed you
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how to shup up your member's mouth guide by Ha Minwoo

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he looks 8

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let’s take a moment to appreciate the beauty that is Park Hyungshik

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forever OT9 ♥

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Siwan being a troll.


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(o_o; ) ( ;o_o)

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a dose of cute Kevin for those who need it ^^

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890618 김태헌Kim Taehun

"As a triple A [blood type], I’m naturally very timid. I was just as timid as a child, but the one thing I really loved was playing sports. When I was young, I wasn’t that good in school, I was just a kid that liked to play around. I think I was only popular among my friends because I looked like a movie character. When I was young, “Home Alone” was very popular. My friends told me I looked like Macaulay Culkin a lot. Thanks to him, my school life was fun. Ever since I was young, you couldn’t talk [about sports] without counting me in. When it was sports day, I was like a fish in water when I ran around playing. One day I came home crying after getting beat up by a neighbor and from that day forward, my mom sent me to learn hapkido. Starting with a white belt, I steadily earned my second-degree black belt. I still know how to handle the wooden sword and nun chucks. I injured my hip while playing sports. That’s why I had to give up my dream as a bodyguard. Even though I didn’t get to become a bodyguard, I’m still very happy to have become a singer.(laughs)"  

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140618 - happy 25th birthday, taehunnie~

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